Cooking with cast iron offers advantages over alternative cookers such as increased durability and less moving parts.  Additionally, cast iron's radiant and thermal properties provide even heating and precise temperature control.


Everyone knows nothing tastes as good as food cooked in grandma's iron skillet.


GRILL : Reversible cast iron grates offer the ability to choose both the distance to the fire and width of cooking surface for beautiful grill marks.

SMOKE : Our cookers' dual-disc top vent and bottom draft door allow precise temperature control for low and slow smoking. 

SEAR : Instantly caramelize and seal in flavor with our reversible flat searing plate.

BAKE : Bake bread, cook a pizza or whip up a dessert, surprisingly with a delicious hint of smoke flavor.

Whether you're looking to grill, smoke, sear or bake; this is the last outdoor cooker you'll ever buy for generations to come.​

Introducing the last outdoor cooker you'll ever buy!!

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